Definition. Brad-i-cal; (noun) a Bradford radical obsessed with making a difference, willing to bleed dry as many pens as it takes!

Brad-i-cal-ize; (verb, used with a object) to spread the word of Bradical

Our Mission: Reclaiming the concept of being a radical.  To share as many stories, thoughts & ideas about fellow Bradfordians/Bradford as possible.

The Beginning: How did we start you ask? Well, we begin in the bowels of a Bradford café one evening with Hamja Ahsan (now Honorary Bradical) & a bunch of other awesome new & old friends.

We began discussing our mutual love of zines, the pains of introverts & finding other Bradfordians, who shared our interests on contemporary issues & wanted to do something about it.

Rather than waiting for a leader to present themselves & bring us together, we could create the space ourselves. Breakdown the outdated stereotypes, share our unfiltered views on our city, community, history & celebrate what we love about it & we could do all of this in a zine!!…

But what would we call ourselves…

Before we knew it, Hamja gave birth to the word ‘Bradical’ (it was a lightening delivery I tell!).

We got to work & this is what we got so far, we hope you like. it.


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